His devious plan to buy me a gift…

Okay, so one of themany arguments between my boyfriend and I  is gifts. I do not like recieveing them and neither does he. You’d think it’d be perfect, right? WRONG.

He said one day he’ll buy me a gift, and a day later before I can give one back he’ll break up with me. Then, like a month after i forget about the gift, he’ll ask me back out.

Wasn’t too smart because I said i could always 1) give the gift back someway. 2) say no the second time.

Who won this one? :P


Torturing myself with love songs while he’s away..

Haven’t seen my boyfriend in over a week… and i have about a week to go. He’s spending time with family and we have only found time with texting (a communication we both hate but strive on with our busy schedules because no, we dont live with eachother just yet.)

And not a single phone call yet, so lately all i’ve been hearing are love songs (ironic, right? Like when you break up all you hear is “our song”. ) and as a form of torturing, i’ve let myself indulge in these lovely songs while my heart aches to be touched by him again. Even a phone call will satisfy me until we see eachother (janurary third)

So as i write this, i am sending goodnight texts and swiping at tears, being paranoid he’ll fall in love with some other girl at his parent’s house…. is that normal?

I can only imagine how it will be when we can only see eachother shortly on Valentines Day…. i need advice on this seperation anxiety


My baby -_-  God, he looks so young….

Now songs belonging to only us disgust you? Get the hell away…

So, likei said I LOVE my boyfriend, but he is DEFINITLEY not the romantic type.

Just today I brought up the idea of having an “our song” and he gave me a look that you would have thought i said “Go fetch on my new dress, it excites me” and told me it was the stupidest idea he’s ever heard. I can’t express to you how bloody angry i got!

BTW My boyfriend is like a freakin’ genius. No kidding. Ask him ANYTHING and guess what? He can tell you the answer. Just told him something interesting he heard? He’s already known it since Kindergarten.

So those of you with a “hey let’s make this our song!” Kind of guy, make it a ‘special’ night for him. When he asks why? Simply say “We have a song and poor Cherie doesn’t!


Perfect: Having all required or desirable elements, qualities or characteristics/as good as it gets.

Who comes up with these definitions? On WHAT WORLD does perfection even exist? Certainly not this one. Its okay, though because if there wasn’t imperfection we wouldn’t have the game Sorry!

But seriously i think perfection should be this: Someone/Something that doesn’t try so hard to be like anyone else.  Take the star nosed mole for example. So unique… and does he try? No! Pretty perfect to me… but that’s just me… what’s your opinion?

All those of you who are unique on everyway… even those of you who don’t believe in imperfection  you’re perfect in my opinion.


Why can’t I have a love like those in front of the eiffel tower?

I was thinking about this after getting into a fight with my boyfriend. I realized we don’t have a perfect love.

Dont get me wrong- I love him to death, it’s just that if we were standing in front of the eiffel tower we wouldn’be kissing, hugging probably not even holding hands. He doesn’t understand the signifigance of the eiffel tower. He doesn’t even believe in magic….

Others have told me they wish they had what i have, but if they’re a romantic like me, they’re blinded by his sweetness that’s it.

*sigh* oh, well… you know where to find me… all alone in front of the eiffel tower


Screw world hunger….

Other rules of mine that shall be put in place!

Now everyone would be concerned with world peace, world hunger, homeless rate. But screw all that. People put themselves in that situation.

Not a soul shall be lonely. I’ll make sure those looking for love shall recieve it ten fold. Whatever that means….

All ugly people will be declared beautiful and all beautiful people declared ugly. The thing is, I’m not sure which i am so everyone will call me Beagly. (Bee-you-gley) got it?

Everyone above the age of 13 will be able to have a job. We won’t take anymore objects from foriegn countries. USA USA USA.

Like my world?


Eating spaghetti with my boyfriend and if our noodles met in the middle….

He’d probably cut it in half and call it irony. I’m not complaining, i really do love him and at times he can be romantic, but not paris romance. I want THAT, but how do I tell him? I’m asking for YOUR help in this ASAP!

For those of you striving on novels for your romance thrill join me in a boycott! No kisses unless you make my heart twirl. No touching until you give melove goosebumps. Absolutley no sex until i’ve completely melted at your feet. And no presents can be involved! Up for the challenge? Tell me your story and give me strength to do it myself!

My heart goes out to the taken girls riding the love tunnel alone…


You’re perfect to me, but that doesn’t mean you’re perfect.

So when you’re boyfriend calls you perfect, most of you will say “No i’m not” and he will reply with, “well you are to me.” So technically he’s saying you’re perfection to him.

Ask him even with your makeup off? If he says yes, just stop wearing makeup and see the result. If it’s obvious he doesn’t like the change, bring that up to him. Yes, he will deny it, but let him know you’re not as stupid as he thinks… Mostly because of me.

When he has nothing to say except deniation(yes it is a word…in my dictionary) just calmly say, this is me. I’m not perfect, but that’s okay. My imperfection makes me intersting :)