Now songs belonging to only us disgust you? Get the hell away…

So, likei said I LOVE my boyfriend, but he is DEFINITLEY not the romantic type.

Just today I brought up the idea of having an “our song” and he gave me a look that you would have thought i said “Go fetch on my new dress, it excites me” and told me it was the stupidest idea he’s ever heard. I can’t express to you how bloody angry i got!

BTW My boyfriend is like a freakin’ genius. No kidding. Ask him ANYTHING and guess what? He can tell you the answer. Just told him something interesting he heard? He’s already known it since Kindergarten.

So those of you with a “hey let’s make this our song!” Kind of guy, make it a ‘special’ night for him. When he asks why? Simply say “We have a song and poor Cherie doesn’t!



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