Torturing myself with love songs while he’s away..

Haven’t seen my boyfriend in over a week… and i have about a week to go. He’s spending time with family and we have only found time with texting (a communication we both hate but strive on with our busy schedules because no, we dont live with eachother just yet.)

And not a single phone call yet, so lately all i’ve been hearing are love songs (ironic, right? Like when you break up all you hear is “our song”. ) and as a form of torturing, i’ve let myself indulge in these lovely songs while my heart aches to be touched by him again. Even a phone call will satisfy me until we see eachother (janurary third)

So as i write this, i am sending goodnight texts and swiping at tears, being paranoid he’ll fall in love with some other girl at his parent’s house…. is that normal?

I can only imagine how it will be when we can only see eachother shortly on Valentines Day…. i need advice on this seperation anxiety


My baby -_-  God, he looks so young….


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