Perfect: Having all required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.

Who comes up woth these definitions? In WHAT WORLD is there perfection? Certainly not this one. There is a flaw in everything and everyone. That’s okay, though.

But seriously? I think perfect should be someone who is humble but pretty, not too extravagent. Smart but not a know it all. Someone who carries their flaws with pride.

That’s not me just to let you all know. I hide my flaws as much a possible and i refuse to aknowledge my beauty.

But i think a platypus is pretty perfect. It’s unique, and carries the fact that it’s quirky and made out of extra scraps with pride. I like the platypus, but then again it is idolized too much.

How about the star nosed mole? Pretty sexy animal if you ask me. But thats my own opinion. What’s yours?



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